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Welcome to HostingBands!

HostingBands customers want to be heard!

Unlike children, our artists are meant to be seen and heard. This is the place where you can grow your idea for a viable web prescence, following your creative vision, or tapping into ours. In any way, you will add professionalism and style to your site, along with great functionality.

Need a web site? You have lots of options with HostingBands. Whether you use a free template, SiteBuilder - that creates websites easily, WordPress - for posting of frequent updates to your fans, or work with one of our web designers, you can start out small. Grow into a more complex site just as your music starts developing a following. Don't know where to begin? We can guide you. We won't hassle you with all sorts of newsletters and emails, just let us know what you need and we will take care of it.

We offer all of the programs and features that other web hosts do, so exactly how are we different? We are musicians and we understand sometimes you need assistance, and other times you prefer to be left alone. We know that what you need most is for us to be there where you call us, just like that indispensible roadie. We know how to listen before we start talking. That's where we are better than the rest. We know you are creative - and may have great content - or perhaps you'd rather write songs or jam - and leave the rest to us. We'll set you up quickly, and there are no contracts, no setup fees, just good quality service, highly reliable, with responsible support.

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